Ukulele Expressions Book

It’s my pleasure to announce that Ukulele Expressions – Illustrated Ukulele Fingerstyle Etudes for the Picking Hand is now available on Amazon. I was one of many people who picked up a new hobby in 2020, but as that hobby brought on new problems (Carpal tunnel), I learned to express myself in new ways. I wrote these ten musical pieces in standard and alternate tuning and also used a capo on a few to get the most diverse sounds from my ukulele. The expressive ink paintings were created in response to the music as I imagined places in nature when I heard each note ring out. I truly hope you enjoy the lively art and enjoy playing these beautiful pieces while increasing your own fingerpicking skills.

Receive Etude No. 6 – Spiderweb Lane when you sign up for Susan’s SideNotes, my monthly newsletter highlighting news, updates, and refreshing art and music content. This piece is in an alternate tuning of fCEA. Simply tune your G string down to an f and you’re ready to play!

To access the video examples for each Etude, head over to my YouTube channel Ukulele Expressions. Subscribe to the channel to keep up to date on new releases and recordings.

Spiderweb Lane

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