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Surrounded by God’s Blue Sky: Christian Affirmations for Chronic Pain is full of encouragement in the form of art and Christian affirmations to help you deal with difficult days you may have when living with chronic pain. Scripture references are included to help you focus on God’s direct message as well.

50 positive self-talk statements that you can recite and take to heart are included along with journal prompts to help explore your relationship with pain.

Susan created colorful watercolor sketches of places and creatures in the natural world that can be difficult to see on a regular basis by those in chronic pain who are often stuck indoors. She will even teach you how to create your own watercolor sketches.

With a shift in perspective and focus on physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, each day can be valued as you are surrounded by God’s blue sky and his beautiful creatures.

I Am a Gifted Musician: Affirmations for New Players of Music is full of colorful illustrations of various musicians with their instruments, affirmations (positive self-talk statements), and journal prompts for self-discovery. Have you ever felt really down and discouraged as a new musician? Let this book be a motivating tool. Work your way through the journal prompts and affirmations and see that you really are a gifted musician!

This is a fun book for any new musician or even a seasoned pro.

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In Ink Sketches for Wellness: Poems on My Life with Invisible Disabilities, Susan paints a picture of her life with chronic medical conditions and invisible disabilities that will take you on a lyrical journey. Dark humor, creative rhyming, repetition, and rhythm are combined with expressive ink sketches she has created over the past few years.

Imagine being able to “fix” yourself with twine or silly putty. Picture what your confused brain looks like with bandages and scuff marks. Laughter and silliness have helped Susan get through some of her most difficult times.

She explores everything from her rare ear condition to her autoimmune disease. Hints of anxiety and depression are evident within the poems.

It is her hope that readers will see that humor can be found in the darkest of places, situations, and feelings. She shows that even with challenges and struggles, it is possible to find a path to wellness, whatever that may look like…

You may download a free PDF sample of the book below.

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