Gift Guide for Danger Zones, Underpants Dances, and Colon Funerals

Today I am featuring another one of my books with a few gift ideas for your gift recipient this Christmas!

Danger Zones, Underpants Dances, and Colon Funerals: Poems and Illustrations on My Life with Ulcerative Colitis is the story of my journey with ulcerative colitis and surgery to remove my colon. It features some funny poems and illustrations I created as humor is something that helped me through the whole experience. Do you have a friend who deals with IBD? This may be a perfect gift for your friend. It always helps to know you aren’t alone in your struggles.

You may want to pair this book with a nice journal for your friend to write down some of their own thoughts about their experience with IBD. I love this Paperage Lined Notebook that comes in all sorts of fun colors. It’s one of those hardcover journals that is just a treat to write in.

What better to go with the notebook than journaling pens? The iBayam Journal Pens are my favorite set. There are 18 different colors and they write beautifully. And the price is right, too!

You can also download this inexpensive printable of one of my illustrations from my book, Surrounded by God’s Blue Sky: Christian Affirmations for Chronic Pain. The Spectacular Sunflower can be a reminder for your friend of how strong they are. You can add a simple picture frame and have a gift ready to go.

I hope this has given you some ideas for gifts that would pair well with this book. Stay tuned! Tomorrow I will feature another book!

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