Free Resource Guide – Making Music with Only One Hand

I have created this free resource guide on how to make music with only one hand on the ukulele. I have taken the picking hand fingerstyle music I created for my Ukulele Expressions book series and modified it in order to be used in music therapy and other settings.

This style of playing shows that it’s still possible to play the ukulele even with limitations. I first developed this method when I was going through painful carpal tunnel syndrome and eventual surgery on my fretting hand. I just knew there had to be a way I could still play my ukulele while I was healing.

I couldn’t find any music to play just for one hand, so I developed my own way of playing by improvising and listening to the sound that each open string made when I plucked it with one or more fingers. I also used alternate tunings and a capo to get even more sounds from my ukulele.

For practical purposes, I have eliminated the need for a capo from this book since they are not usually readily available, especially in a music therapy setting. Beautiful music can still be made, however.

When I first started developing this way of playing, I found the music made me think of nature, so I paired each song with a painting I created. This can be incorporated in a music therapy setting by giving the individual “doodle prompts” and asking the individual to draw something based on the song title or the way the music makes them feel.

In this guide, I will outline ways that you can help others play the ukulele with only one hand by fingerpicking and using alternate tunings. This is a fun way to play and can help others realize they can still play, even with their limitations.

This book is meant to be shared with anyone who may be going through, or who has gone through the same struggles I have with my hand. I believe this book has great applications for music therapy, teaching, etc.

The techniques in this book can be used for adults or children.

With the exception of the cover, I have made this book printer friendly so you can print as needed.

You can download my free PDF, Ukulele Expressions: A Guide to Making Music with Only One Hand below.

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