Danger Zones, Underpants Dances, and Colon Funerals

You feel trapped in your home and chained to the bathroom.

You feel alone with your thoughts, isolated from the world, ashamed of your body, and afraid of what lies ahead.

What do you do to get through each day?

Humor has helped me get through my illness and colon surgery in a way that I never expected. Dreaming of “fantasy treatments” like fairy sparkles, writing funny poems about running to the bathroom (and not making it there in time!), and drawing my colon in a casket have kept me laughing throughout this process.

I know that living with inflammatory bowel disease is terrible. You never quite know what each day will be like.

I am sharing my story because I think it may help you. I have been where you are and while it’s not a fun experience, finding the funny moments in everyday situations can help you get through each day, one day at a time.

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