A Gift For You on World Ukulele Day!

Today we play our ukuleles to celebrate this great, little instrument. Learning how to play has been life-changing! I have met many new friends through the ukulele, too. Today, I am happy to share that I have the Second Editions of my Ukulele Expressions series available now. These books contain musical pieces that can beContinue reading “A Gift For You on World Ukulele Day!”

New Ukulele Expressions Books Coming Soon

I am thrilled to announce two new Ukulele Expressions books that will be coming out soon. First, I have simplified the techniques and skills I’ve developed to play with only one hand in order to create a version that kids can play, too. In Ukulele Expressions for Kids: Tunes to Play with Only One Hand,Continue reading “New Ukulele Expressions Books Coming Soon”

5 Star Review for Ukulele Expressions

Ukulele Expressions: Illustrated Ukulele Fingerstyle Etudes for the Picking Hand recently received a 5 Star Review from Readers’ Favorite. This is a book review and contest site for authors by authors. You can read the review below or check out the page on Readers’ Favorite here. If you are an author, check out Readers’ FavoriteContinue reading “5 Star Review for Ukulele Expressions”

New Book Release: Ukulele Expressions: Low G Animals in Art

I’m excited to announce the third book in the Ukulele Expressions series is now available! Ukulele Expressions: Low G Animals in Art is full of music just for the picking hand, along with paintings of amazing animals. This music was composed specifically for Low G ukulele and features alternate tunings that provide a diverse setContinue reading “New Book Release: Ukulele Expressions: Low G Animals in Art”

One Hand Many Melodies – Ukulele Music for Kids

I have composed five new songs for kids that can be played with just one hand! One Hand Many Melodies has instructions so that you can learn how to play this way along with “doodle prompts” for each song to stretch your imagination as you exercise your fingers! Tune your ukulele to G-C-E-A and getContinue reading “One Hand Many Melodies – Ukulele Music for Kids”

Bonus Instrumental Ukulele Piece

I have composed a special Ukulele Expressions Holiday Etude in celebration and adoration of the winter sunshine we savor so much this time of year. This piece is in standard GCEA tuning and is played on the open strings with only your picking hand, just like the pieces that are in Ukulele Expressions – IllustratedContinue reading “Bonus Instrumental Ukulele Piece”