New Book Release: Surrounded by God’s Blue Sky: Christian Affirmations for Chronic Pain

A challenging few months of dealing with the pain of fibromyalgia and my autoimmune disease prompted me to write this book, Surrounded by God’s Blue Sky: Christian Affirmations for Chronic Pain. Every day I was feeling frustrated, anxious, and angry about how much pain I was in. I felt bruised in so many places. IContinue reading “New Book Release: Surrounded by God’s Blue Sky: Christian Affirmations for Chronic Pain”

Ukulele Expressions: Ocean Adventure is Available Now!

Instrumental ukulele music that is played with one hand… Dancing seaweed, beautiful jellyfish… Would you like to experience these ocean wonders and sounds? The second book in the Ukulele Expressions series takes you to the ocean where you will have a rich playing experience. The ten musical pieces (Etudes) are designed to increase your fingerpickingContinue reading “Ukulele Expressions: Ocean Adventure is Available Now!”

Free PDF Sample of Ink Sketches for Wellness

I am offering a free PDF sample of my book Ink Sketches for Wellness: Poems on My Life with Invisible Disabilities. You will be able to view three sketches and corresponding poems from the book. The PDF is at the bottom of this post. I created these poems and ink sketches in response to theContinue reading “Free PDF Sample of Ink Sketches for Wellness”

New Book Available (Great for New Musicians!)

My latest book is now available. “I Am a Gifted Musician: Affirmations for New Players of Music” is full of color illustrations of various musicians with their instruments, affirmations (positive self-talk statements), and journal prompts for self-discovery. Have you ever felt really down and discouraged as a new musician? Let this book be a motivatingContinue reading “New Book Available (Great for New Musicians!)”

Ukulele Expressions Has a New Look!

Sometimes, you just need to make some adjustments. And my cover was in need of a bit of makeover. I am so happy with this new cover I designed, highlighting the artistic nature of the book. The personality of the music and art shines through. The book with its new cover is now available onContinue reading “Ukulele Expressions Has a New Look!”

Launching Susan’s SideNotes Newsletter Soon

I would love to keep you up to date on future book releases, available song sheets, playing tips, and fun art content via Susan’s Side Notes, my monthly newsletter I will be launching soon. Sign up today using the button below. I also have a separate page where you can sign up anytime as well.Continue reading “Launching Susan’s SideNotes Newsletter Soon”

Enjoying Acrylic Painting…Finally!

This fall I have really embraced acrylic painting. While I have worked with inks before, acrylic paint is much different. I worked with oils in college and have just never felt very comfortable using acrylics. It’s interesting when you revisit a subject months or years later only to find out that your skills have changedContinue reading “Enjoying Acrylic Painting…Finally!”