This is my current list of published books. Click on each blue button to be taken to the Amazon description and purchase page. (These are affiliate links, meaning I can earn a small commission from purchases made.)

For examples of the musical pieces in the Ukulele Expressions series, please visit the following playlists on my YouTube channel “Susan Montgomery”.

Ukulele Expressions: Illustrated Ukulele Fingerstyle Etudes for the Picking Hand – YouTube Playlist

Ukulele Expressions: Ocean Adventure – YouTube Playlist

Ukulele Expressions: Low G Animals in Art – YouTube Playlist

Would you like to watch a short video series on how to play the music from Ukulele Expressions? Watch this playlist on YouTube!

Latest Release:

How do you get through each day when you’re in pain with inflammatory bowel disease? I am sharing my journey with ulcerative colitis and surgery to remove my colon in this humorous book full of illustrations and poems.

More Published Books

Learn how to play beautiful, instrumental music with only one hand! Ten original paintings are paired with ten musical pieces to increase your fingerpicking skills while exploring standard and alternate tuning.

This second book in the Ukulele Expressions series takes you on a journey through the ocean as you play instrumental music with only one hand. Ocean-inspired original paintings and musical pieces will have you imagining you are right in the sparkling water.

This third book in the Ukulele Expressions series is made for the low G ukulele. Ten original animal-themed paintings are paired with ten musical pieces to continue increasing your fingerpicking skills while using standard and alternate tuning.

I Am a Gifted Musician is full of 50 positive self-talk statements, along with illustrations of musicians, that you can recite, believe in, and practice daily.

Surrounded by God’s Blue Sky is full of Christian affirmations, Bible verses, and nature illustrations for those living with chronic pain.

Ink Sketches for Wellness is comprised of poems and illustrations which describe my life with invisible disabilities. The poems have rhyming, repetition, and rhythm and will take you on quite an adventure.

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