Ink Sketches for Wellness

In Ink Sketches for Wellness: Poems on My Life with Invisible Disabilities, Susan paints a picture of her life with chronic medical conditions and invisible disabilities that will take you on a lyrical journey. Dark humor, creative rhyming, repetition, and rhythm are combined with expressive ink sketches she has created over the past few years.

Imagine being able to “fix” yourself with twine or silly putty. Picture what your confused brain looks like with bandages and scuff marks. Laughter and silliness have helped Susan get through some of her most difficult times.

She explores everything from her rare ear condition to her autoimmune disease. Hints of anxiety and depression are evident within the poems.

It is her hope that readers will see that humor can be found in the darkest of places, situations, and feelings. She shows that even with challenges and struggles, it is possible to find a path to wellness, whatever that may look like…

You can find the paperback book at the link below. Feel free to leave an honest review if you check out the book! You may contact me with any questions or comments you have as well.

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