Read My Latest Article: The Simple Strategy that Helps me Manage My Medical Care on The Mighty

I recently wrote about managing your medical care and the benefits and how-to’s of color-coding and organizing your appointment notes before you go in to see your specialist. You can read it on The Mighty here. I do hope some of this can help you manage your medical care as well! (The Mighty is a digital health community that people come to for support, stories, articles, and tips to manage their chronic illness, mental health conditions, disabilities, etc.)

My Recent Articles Published on The Mighty on Chronic Illness

I have become a Contributor for The Mighty and have had two articles published. The first and most recent is The Power of Writing and Sketching About Chronic Pain and Illness. You can find that here:

The article How the Ukulele Brought Magic Into My Life with Chronic Illness can be found here:

The Mighty is a digital health community with over 2 million registered users who come to the site for support, stories, and videos. I have been an avid reader of their articles for many years so it’s wonderful to add my contributions. I look forward to writing more!

Shelf Talks Interview with Oleg Kagan

Recently, I was interviewed by writer, author, speaker, and librarian Oleg Kagan for his Shelf Talks series he created. He asked me five interesting questions based on the books on my shelves. This was such a fascinating conversation. This interview can be found on his website at the following link: Shelf Talks #7 – Susan – OLEG KAGAN

Ink Sketches for Wellness available now!

My new book Ink Sketches for Wellness – Poems on My Life with Invisible Disabilities is available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook. In this book I share my poems I have been writing over the last eight years and include a corresponding ink sketch for each one. It has been so therapeutic to write and sketch on the topic of my medical conditions. I hope others can laugh at the dark humor and possibly apply some humor to their own situation. You can read the full description on Amazon at the link in the pink button below.

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New Book Coming Soon!

The pandemic has spurred some creative activities which has now led me to completing my second book. This next one is a book of my poems I have been writing since 2013 about my various medical conditions and invisible disabilities. I have also been creating expressive ink sketches to correspond to each poem. They are written with dark humor, rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. It is my hope that through my anger, struggle, sadness, and hope that I write about, readers may see that humor can be found in even the darkest of places, situations, and feelings. You can find a path to wellness, whatever that may look like. You may just have to sketch your way there.

Ukulele Expressions is Now Available!

My book Ukulele Expressions – Illustrated Ukulele Fingerstyle Etudes for the Picking Hand is now available!

I was one of many who picked up a new hobby last year, but as that hobby brought on new problems (Carpal tunnel), I learned to express myself in new ways. I wrote these ten musical pieces in standard and alternate tuning and also used a capo on a few to get the most diverse sounds from my ukulele. The expressive ink paintings were created in response to the music as I imagined places in nature when I heard each note ring out and these are included in the book. I truly hope you enjoy the lively art and enjoy playing these beautiful pieces while increasing your own fingerpicking skills.

*As am Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Learning Piano!

This past week I started to learn how to play the piano. I have always wanted to learn but never thought I could master reading music notation. It seemed like such a foreign concept to me. But I really began to learn about reading music when I started to play the guitar. Even though I primarily read tabs, music notation was always visible so I just learned what notes sounded like, looked like, etc. I have been having a bit of a hard time fully grasping the music theory related to playing guitar and I had heard that knowing how to play the piano is very helpful. So I bought a full 88-key piano and made space for it in my home. I have only been playing for a few days but I’m so in love with it! I have some great All-in-One piano lesson books as well as YouTube instructional videos that I have saved. I have already played my first little melody that you can see here, Amazing Grace. That was also the first song I learned how to play on the guitar! I will really be managing my time wisely so I can make time for guitar, ukulele, and now piano. And of course, I have to juggle that around all my very necessary appointments related to my medical conditions. But I’m up for the challenge. I’m really excited to finally learn how to play. And I gained the confidence to do that through learning the guitar and ukulele. Never give up on a dream!