New Ukulele Expressions Books Coming Soon

I am thrilled to announce two new Ukulele Expressions books that will be coming out soon. First, I have simplified the techniques and skills I’ve developed to play with only one hand in order to create a version that kids can play, too. In Ukulele Expressions for Kids: Tunes to Play with Only One Hand, kids will learn how to fingerpick and play beautiful songs with fun, kid-friendly titles. I have even included colorful paintings for each song. The songs are divided into two main groups – five songs for kids ages 8 and up (approximately) that are in GCEA Tuning and 5 songs for kids ages 12 and up (approximately) that are in two alternate tunings FCEA and ACEA. They will only be picking one string at a time but will quickly find out how great a song can sound by only using one hand. This will be great for kids who can only use one hand or want to play with one hand just for fun.

Second, I have created a Lullaby book with even more alternate tunings. But this isn’t just any lullaby book. It was inspired by my tuxedo cat, Tracey, and her love for my ukulele playing. Ukulele Expressions Lullaby: Tunes for Kitties and Kiddos to Play with Only One Hand contains ten songs in alternate tunings, and includes ten sketches of adorable, sleeping kitties. Of course, the songs can be played for kids, too. They are nice and soothing when played slowly. I know Tracey loves them and I think your kitties and kiddos will love them, too.

I’ve had so much fun composing the music for both books and creating the art. I’m happy that people are finding joy in playing music with just one hand in the current Ukulele Expressions series. I will keep you updated on when these titles will be released. You can check out the Ukulele Expressions series on Amazon here. You can check out the instructional video series here, on my YouTube channel.

This page contains an affiliate link, meaning I can earn a small commission based on sales through this link, at no additional cost to you.

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