Available for Pre-Order Now – (eBook) My Journey with Ulcerative Colitis and Beyond: A Book of Poetry and Illustrations

The eBook version of my ulcerative colitis journey is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon. This eBook also has a limited-time discounted price of only $2.99. It will be released on October 1st along with the paperback version.

My personal story weaves through the book of humorous poems and illustrations I created throughout the course of my disease and after my surgery to remove my colon.

My hope is that others with similar conditions will see the humor in this and possibly apply it to their own situation. I want others to feel like they are not alone in what they feel, think, and experience. This book is also an excellent read for anyone who wants to see one person’s journey with this disease and how it affects all areas of life.

From poems about “fantasy treatments” and illustrations like the one of my colon in a coffin, this book is sure to leave you laughing. It’s essential to keep a good sense of humor when dealing with such a tough disease that can bring you down physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Contact@CreatedBySusan.com

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