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NEW strumming seahorse cover 8-14-2023 8x10 -16.438 × 10.25 in - 1

Sammy the Seahorse didn’t think he had any talents to share for the big ocean-wide talent show coming up. But when he finds a ukulele and takes lessons from a wise dolphin, he learns that his real talent is believing in himself!

Follow Sammy as he shares his music with his friends and celebrates his achievements with a big party. Sammy learns beginner ukulele skills like learning the parts of the ukulele, how to hold and tune the ukulele, and how to strum. A special guide is included at the end which gives more information about the ukulele and beginner-friendly tips.

In addition to beginner ukulele skills, Sammy learns about having the courage to try new things, believing in himself, and the power of sharing music with others.

Watch the trailer here.

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Also Available

Celebrate the Ukulele with a Colorful Children’s Picture Book

Zoe is so excited about her birthday! She is ready to have fun with her party guests, eat delicious cake, and have a groovy birthday party! But when she receives a ukulele from her parents, she doesn’t know what to do with it!

It’s a funny shape and has long strings, I‘ve never seen one of these things!”

Follow Zoe on her adventure as she learns all about the ukulele! Find out why this groovy birthday gift is so special to her and continue learning about the ukulele with your special “Groovy Guide to the Ukulele” at the end!

Watch the video trailer here.

Find the book on Amazon here.


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