Learning Piano!

This past week I started to learn how to play the piano. I have always wanted to learn but never thought I could master reading music notation. It seemed like such a foreign concept to me. But I really began to learn about reading music when I started to play the guitar. Even though I primarily read tabs, music notation was always visible so I just learned what notes sounded like, looked like, etc. I have been having a bit of a hard time fully grasping the music theory related to playing guitar and I had heard that knowing how to play the piano is very helpful. So I bought a full 88-key piano and made space for it in my home. I have only been playing a few days but I’m so in love with it! I have some great All-in-One piano lesson books as well as YouTube instructional videos that I have saved. I have already played my first little melody that you can see here, Amazing Grace. That was also the first song I learned how to play on the guitar! I will really be managing my time wisely so I can make time for guitar, ukulele, and now piano. And of course I have to juggle that around all my very necessary appointments related to my medical conditions. But I’m up for the challenge. I’m really excited to finally learn how to play. And I gained the confidence to do that through learning the guitar and ukulele. Never give up on a dream!

Ukulele Etudes

Today I am sharing one of the ukulele etudes I have been writing. The downloadable file is at the bottom of this post. Because of serious left hand pain, I can only play ukulele with my picking (right) hand. I have really enjoyed writing and playing these and my fingerpicking skills have improved. I’ve also been creating paintings to correspond with each etude. I kept envisioning myself in nature as I wrote the etudes so nature paintings were born.

I wanted to offer this for free, so you may also enjoy it and increase your skills. This particular etude is an alternate tuning of FCEA. I explored alternate tunings and using a capo as a way to increase the sounds I could get from the ukulele.

You may download the pdf here: