Surrounded by God’s Painted Sky Book Released

I am so pleased to announce that my next book, Surrounded by God’s Painted Sky: Christian Affirmations to Start Your Day is available now in paperback and eBook.

This illustrated work is full of Christian affirmations that will help you set the tone for your day. Scripture references are included to help you focus on God’s direct message so that you can be guided by his word.

50 positive self-talk statements that you can recite and take to heart are included along with journal prompts to help give you a spirit of gratitude and appreciation for God and all of his marvelous works.

I created colorful sketches of nature scenes that will help remind you of all the beauty in this world that God wants us to treasure, enjoy, and celebrate. I will even teach you how to create your own sketches and keep a faith journal.

By focusing your heart and mind on God and spending time with him in the morning, you can start your day feeling less stressed, fully loved, and ready to spread the light and love of Christ to others.

I have a free sample available when you sign up for my monthly newsletter where I share brief updates, interesting stories, illustrations, and more. You can sign up and receive the first 5 affirmations along with the Scripture references, journal prompts, and illustrations.

The other book in this series is Surrounded by God’s Blue Sky: Christian Affirmations for Chronic Pain. You can read more here!

If you have any questions, you can email me at:

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