Sharing my Kalimba Song with You

21 Key Kalimba

I have been loving learning about the kalimba lately. While I have been practicing some songs and played a few all the way through, my real passion lies in creating my own music for it, much like I create my instrumental ukulele music for the picking hand. I started learning where the notes and chords were located and just played as much as I could. I have to take breaks often because my hand, but that’s when I work on writing down whatever it is that I just played.

If you’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument, the kalimba would be a great place to start. Creating melodies is very relaxing and therapeutic. It’s good for mindfulness practice and being present as well. I imagined clouds drifting apart here.

I am sharing my kalimba tab sheet from the song I created. I am new to creating kalimba tabs, so bear with me if there’s anything that needs adjusted (and let me know!). The octaves have all been marked correctly, I believe. This is for a 21 Key kalimba in the key of C.

I would love to know what you think of the piece. You may adjust anything that you wish or change around notes as you see fit. You can watch a video of it here on my personal channel where I post my practice, covers, and original songs for guitar, ukulele, piano, and now kalimba.

Drifting Clouds is available for a free download below.

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