Hello, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Susan Montgomery and I am an artist, author, and musician. I write and publish books in various genres while incorporating my art into each one. Writing and painting is a great comfort to me as I deal with chronic pain. 

Latest News:

I’m currently writing a memoir about my experience with severe ulcerative colitis and how I use my creativity to cope and heal. 

My book The Strumming Seahorse: A Ukulele Adventure is my newest release. This is Book #1 in The Strumming Seahorse Series. Sammy the Seahorse learns beginner ukulele skills while learning perseverance and the power of sharing music with others. I look forward to releasing the next book soon!

Below you will find the different areas I enjoy writing about. Click on the topic you are most interested in to learn more. You can also check out each book on the ‘Books’ tab above. 

Ukulele Expressions

Learn how to play music with only one hand on open strings. No fretting! You will play beautiful music while learning how to incorporate alternate tunings to give you a diverse set of melodies! Click the link above to view and buy the series on Amazon.

Ukulele Children’s Picture Books

Celebrate the Ukulele with Picture Books

In each picture book you can learn more about the ukulele as you take a journey through the beautiful illustrations. "The Strumming Seahorse" follows Sammy as he learns how to play the ukulele. He also learns perseverance and the power of sharing music with others! In "Zoe's Groovy Birthday Gift," Zoe learns all about the ukulele she receives as a birthday gift. You can learn more and buy the books on Amazon at the link above. This will take you to my Amazon Author page where you can select the book you'd like to buy.

Christian Affirmation Books

Surrounded by God

In each of my Christian affirmation books, you will read affirmations along with scripture references to help strengthen your faith life. I wrote "Surrounded by God's Blue Sky" when I was struggling with chronic pain. Then, I wrote "Surrounded by God's Painted Sky" following a hospital stay. My sketches are paired with each affirmation. You can read more and buy on Amazon at the link above which will take you to the series page.

poetry books

Ink Sketches and Capturing Colitis

In each of these poetry books, I explore my medical conditions through poems and sketches. I describe what it's like to live with fibromyalgia, a rare ear condition, and severe ulcerative colitis. Read more and buy through the Amazon link above.

musician affirmations

I Am a Gifted Musician

Have you struggled with encouragement and self-confidence as a musician? With these affirmations and journal prompts, you will explore your musical journey as your confidence level grows. Colorful illustrations of musicians are included with each affirmation. You can read more and buy on Amazon at the link above.


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Susan Montgomery collage of paintings



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